BraFace masks

A covid lockdown project: Fashion-forward yet eco-friendly masks from pre-loved bras.

“The BraFace masks came about when I was playing around with a bellydance top. I thought it looked better on the face than on the boobs.”

Lockdown was a disaster for women and children experiencing domestic abuse: home was not a safe place. With this in mind, and in cooperation with the shop Kwirl in Graz. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the masks were donated to the Frauenhäuser Steiermark association, which is committed to protecting women and children affected by violence, and to raising awareness of and preventing violence.

Bras were collected from the charity Nachhaltig in Graz and then selected for their interesting material and details. Once carefully deconstructed, they were customised so that the cups fit well over the nose and mouth, whilst allowing easy breathing.

We were pleased to be able to raise 1000€ for the charity.